How can I find out about applying for aid from the Foundation?

The Brondum Foundation Board of Trustees meets quarterly.

The committee recommends one of the following: (1) tabling

for additional information; (2) denial; (3) partial or matched

funding; or (4) approval. Applicants are notified of Board action

within 15 days after the Board meeting. Approved grants are

generally funded with 30 days of Board approval. Immediate

or emergency funding is generally not possible. The one page

application process is designed to be as simple as possible. All

funded applications require a project report following the grant

funding. Additional information may be submitted if desired.

Application Information

What kind of grants may the Foundation Fund?


What is the Brondum Foundation?

The Marshall & Mary Brondum Special Assistance Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable foundation funded by Marshall Brondum. The Foundation's purpose is to financially aid individuals whose needs are not or cannot be met by already existing charities and/or agencies. These needs may be (but are not limited to) medical, adaptive life-style, and financial. The Foundation may also support other charities whose purpose and functions are similar to the Brondum Foundation. The Foundation primarily serves the State of Montana.

Marshall & Mary Brondum Special Assistance Foundation


The Brondum Foundation may consider funding or assisting with:

  • Prosthesis and/or equipment to maintain self-sufficiency
  • Purchase of service animals
  • Limited modification of residence to accommodate a physical handicap
  • Attendant's cost
  • Nutritional needs programs
  • Aid for specialized transportation
  • Service for the print-impaired
  • Limited medical expenses
  • Hearing, sign and/or speech
  • Physical therapy

The Foundation does not fund and is not responsible for house payments, rent, utilities, past bills and purchases made prior to receipt of joint payee grant check. The Foundation does not fund repetitive expenses (on-going, year after year).


To request an application you can either

mail a letter to the Foundation or call our

24 hour voice message center.                                   PO Box 3106

Missoula, MT  59807


Application Deadlines

All applications must be post marked on

or before the following deadlines:

December 15th for January meeting

March 15th for April meeting

June 15th for July meeting

September 15th for October meeting